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Choose style and longevity with stone flooring

Stone flooring provides impressive benefits, including a great appearance and a remarkable lifespan. It could be the right material to add the fresh new look you want, with some benefits that could last an entire lifetime. Just consider the ancient buildings, many of which are still standing, that were constructed from this material.

These materials are perfect for every season. They can even be used for outdoor applications where the flow from inside to out is desired. Reimagine a dining room, living room, or any other space where all these characteristics are welcome. And be sure to remember the value that they add to your home as well.


Making sure your stone flooring fits your lifestyle

It’s commonplace, as it should be, to match your new flooring with your own needs and preferences. If you’re in Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, or Queen Creek, AZ, we can help you do that. Perhaps travertine tile will provide the beautiful colors or texture you require? With an excellent lifespan and maintenance requirements, this will serve you well in a variety of spaces.

Marble flooring is another natural material that works in a variety of settings. This material is exceptionally durably, very easy to clean, and creates an elegance space wherever it’s installed. It’s resistant to heat and is an affordable option for almost any area.
Stone flooring generally provides many benefits that make it a joy to have in place. It’s low maintenance, so it can easily withstand a variety of daily wear. This makes it easier to clean as well, so you won’t have to spend all day maintaining the finish.

In a warm location, any floor covering that helps keep things cool is highly appreciated, and these floors do just that. It’s a comforting step in the summer, even in bare feet, but you can also utilize area rugs for extra comfort. Placing them in areas where the floors are often traveled can increase comfort significantly, especially for small children and the elderly.

One of the most appealing characteristics of these materials is that they can be used to create an innumerable number of designs and styles. Tiled patterns and mosaics can add a wealth of character, or solid, natural colors can be used for a more rustic look. Whatever you want or need can be yours with ease.
Natural stone flooring in Tempe, AZ from Abel Carpet Tile & Wood

Choosing a showroom for your stone flooring

Here at Abel Carpet Tile & Wood, we’re proud to make sure our customers have the best flooring. We’ll strive to assure your satisfaction in both materials and services. If you’re ready for excellent stone flooring, be sure give us a call, and we'll bring the showroom to you.