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Tile flooring will make a big difference for your home

If you’re looking for a floor covering that provides extensive versatility as well as a wealth of benefits, you’ll find you’re right on the mark with tile flooring. The fantastic durability, the stunning visuals, and the extensive lifespan all fit together to create a flooring you’ll love for years to come. And you don’t have to sacrifice in one area to get the benefit from another.

These floors work for every home and every room in them. From living rooms to hallways to bedrooms, you’ll find them performing correctly and to your great satisfaction. If you’ve never considered them for your own home before, now might be a great time to start.


Diverse benefits give tile a great place in a diverse family

As a mobile tile store in Gilbert, AZ, Abel Carpet Tile & Wood can tell you a lot about this floor covering. For instance, we can tell you that in hallways and entryways, it provides outstands durability for the high levels of traffic that will come in that way. In living rooms and bedrooms, we can tell you that the colorations, designs, and mosaics add a unique personality and style. And in bathrooms and kitchens, you can take advantage of the impressive water resistance that protects you against water damage.
Ceramic tile and porcelain tile are often mistaken as the same floor covering. They are beautiful, durable, and offer some of the most impressive benefits in flooring. But they are also different from one another in some ways. Porcelain, for instance, has a through-body color scheme, while ceramic does not.

Both materials are extremely resistant to water, you’ll see fewer stains, scuffs, and scratches, and you can have them cut into any shape or size, down to the size of a postage stamp. If you prefer, you can even help protect them further by adding a beautiful area rug or runner where guests come in from directly outside. Overall, these floors will serve you for the entirety of their average 50-year lifespan. We urge you to take an in-depth look when we visit so you can take full advantage of these materials.
Ceramic tile flooring in Gilbert, AZ from Abel Carpet Tile & Wood

Choose mobile our showroom for your tile flooring needs

We proudly serve our Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, and Queen Creek, AZ customers with products and services that are specific to their flooring needs, and we’d like to do the same for you. If you’re ready to get your flooring search underway, our associates are prepared to help, answering any questions you might have as well. For more information on great tile flooring, call Abel Carpet Tile & Wood at your convenience.